Snow in Anchorage Piling Up

Snow in Anchorage Piling Up

The snow in Anchorage, Alaska paused briefly on Black Friday.  However it resumed later on that night.  The snowfall in this area is heading towards creating a record of being the snowiest November in Anchorage's history.

Climate records which were updated at midday on Black Friday show more than 30 inches of snow for the month of November.  This makes the month the third snowiest November in history.  The last time Anchorage saw snow levels like this was in 1994 with 38.8 inches.

The National Weather Service states that it is likely it will be snowing again on Tuesday or Wednesday.  However they do not expect snowfall to reach another 8 inches by the middle of the week.  It is unlikely that November 2011 will beat the record set in 1994.

As the Christmas season draws near, more snow is expected.  This is a far cry from 2010.  Last year Anchorage residents experienced a Thanksgiving high of 42 degrees.  This is more than 30 degrees warmer than the current climate.

Anchorage residents need to be aware that visibility may be reduced to zero at times on major roads.  Due to this it is important to avoid driving during heavy snowfall.  Those who do need to drive should make sure that they are aware of their surroundings.  Most people will be spending their time indoors as it is likely to get very cold this holiday season.  Those who are working may want to arrange some time off in order to avoid sleet covered roads.