March 2009

Mike Doogan Outs Alaskan Blogger

Alaska blogger Mudflats (herself a Democrat, who has supported Mike Doogan in the past) earned a substantial rep last year for blogging about Sarah Palin from a local perspective. I always appreciated Mudflats' observations, because (unlike many bloggage about the presidential race) it was always even handed and clear headed. Considering what a frenzy the blogosphere was last year, her posts were always a well reasoned breath of fresh air. Last December, Mudflats (along with several other people) sent Doogan an email asking for more transparency and accountability in government. Doogan responded with a single response to everyone who had emailed him - he put them all on the CC line, and responded with a snarky, dismissive message. Irate, the recipients used "reply all," which really got Doogan's goat. Here is his response, copied from Mudflats' blog post on the incident:
"Are you people nuts? You send me - and everybody else in the legislature [sic], from the looks of things - Spam and then lecture me on email etiquette - as if there were such a thing?