January 2012

Myths About Winter

As I recall, there is often some truth to myths…

Though I’ve always prided myself as being a scientifically-minded person, I must admit that these winter myths threw me for a loop. What do you mean that technically not all snowflakes are different? I just passed on that piece of misinformation to my six-year-old yesterday! And you’re telling me that wintertime isn’t the best time for some extra sleep and indoor play? Well, I’ll have to disagree with you there; not only are you not citing scientific evidence, you’re also forgetting about our own natural body rhythms. We are mammals, are we not? I am not suggesting that we loaf around on the couch all winter, of course—the indoor recreation centers are open, after all, to curtail that. But I also think we’re simply not meant to be as active in the winter months, just as I don’t think it’s right for us to eat, say, bear or alligator when they are higher up on the food chain than we are just because we have guns.